Quality:To meet the required quality, we are using the entire process system that assure the quality from selection of material to shipping activities.

  • Quality Assurance

    To meet our customer quality requirement,
    We have been assured by following the MQAS(Miyamoto Quality Assurance System) and committed the quality.
    This commiment will start from selecting the raw material and total process of operation and up to the final shipment.

  • MQAS : Miyamoto Quality Assurance System

    This quality assurance system is equivalent or superior than ISO9001,
    and proven by current delivering to the international well known companies.
    Since 1969, we established this MQAS and reviewed occationally
    and reached to the proven system.

  • Miyamoto Quality

    Miyamoto seek the quality as top priority (of course safety first), and
    to maintain the quality standard requirement,
    we are continuously improving & avoiding the problem and also sharing the information.
    To make sure above, we ara performing the internal quality audit every month.

  • Finally

    Our quality team members has more than 15 years experience
    and has autholity to inspect & check whatever, whenever and whereever.
    And they have a right to interrupt the process if in case not meet the quality requirement.

    To satisfy the customer, we are committed and work everyday to meet the customers quality.