• Greeting

    Adopt the Best Technology
    Precision machinery & equipment grew rapidly recent year.
    And required processing technology became diverse & complicated to us.
    We are adopting advanced technology for future need and next generation.
    We target for the best technology and breakthrough to the future.

  • Management Principle

    We love people, freedom, peace through corporate activity.
    We believe that "The product appears the personality" therefore, we improve the humanity. This good humanity contribute a society and also became company grow.

  • Company Policy
    • Always plan, and enjoy the life.
    • Communicate with all, and show the result as group.
    • Remove waste, and improve the technology.
    • High quality, and this is the best services.
    • Time use wisely, and concentrate.
    • Work hard, and this is Royal road of company.
    • The product appears the personality.
  • Guidelines Fast action of "Reform & Efficiency" and promotion of "Internationalization".
    1. Development of standalization & systemization of work, that make easy/efficiency.
    2. Communicate with people & equipment, and develop everybody full participate activity.
    3. Share the Product value among the Customer,Suplier & MEC, and work together.
    4. Try to meet customers any request with sincere and create.
    5. Improve working envelopment to even ladies.
    6. Strengthen to the international business with our knowhow of quality, technology.
Company General
Company Name MIYAMOTO Engineering Co.,Ltd. (MEC)
Address 31, Tomoe, Bessho, Miki-city, Hyogo-Pref, Japan Zip 673-0443
Found 2nd June 1969.
Capital JPY25,000,000
Directors President ... Hitoshi Miyamoto
Corporate Planning Office ... Hiromi Tomosada
Plant Manager ... Kota Nagatomo
General Manager ... Seiki Miyamoto
Business Robot parts supplier
(Manufacture of high accuracy gears, Sub-assembling of robot.)
Employee 80 people (by Dec. 2015)
Phone / Fax +81-794-82-0202 / +81-794-83-5599
Main Bank Yamaguchi B/K, Awa B/K, Mizuho B/K
Group Company PREMETEC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
1967 Started "MIYAMOTO Gear Manufacturing" by Ryota Miyamoto at #266 Hirata, Miki-City.
1969 Became Co., Ltd on 2nd June.
Commentate by Miki-city Mayor through New Company encouragement Law.
1970 Authentication #: J.F No.00552
1979 Installed vertical machining center & start manufacture high accuracy plate & case.
1982 Founder President Ryota Miyamoto deceased.
Senior Managing Director Hitoshi Miyamotopromoted to President.
Managing Director Yutaka Miyamoto promoted to Senior Managing Director.
1983 Established "New Research & Development Dept"and expand the business.
Completion of New Plant & start manufacture robot parts.
1984 Develop and sold MIYAMOTO designed compact and light weight grinder.
1985 Start various robot assembling.
1986 Installed horizontal 2PA machining center.
1987 Newly established machining plant and assembling plant for Industrial robot.
1988 Installed large multi pallet machining center and start manufacture main components of Industrial Robot.
Manufacture of new model light weight diamond wheel grinder.
1989 Established company named "MTR-Trade Co., Ltd." for sale the own deigned products.
At the 20th anniversary, created 5year business plan to reach 25th anniversary.
1990 Company name changed to MIYAMOTO Engineering Co., Ltd. on 1st June.
1991 Main plant extension completed based on C.I.
1992 Installed long lengthen NC lathe (Mori-Seiki).
Manufacture the Die for gears & timing pulleys.
1994 Anniversary 25 year of MEC. Establish Mid term plan.
1995 Earned stock holder of SanyoKaihatsu Co., Ltd.
Established "MEC brand promotion Dept" & earned PAT of drillmec from USA.
1998 Contracted drillmec with Fujikoshi & start overseas business.
1999 Anniversary 30 year of MEC. Developed GEARWREWCH-S.
2000 Installed 3 machining center for clean room robot peripheral equipment.
2001 Installed Gleason CNC gear grinding machine.
2002 Installed CNC dry cutting machine.
2004 Anniversary 35 year of MEC. Introduced Man-Hour management activity.
2006 Introduced new system of Manufacturing & Inventory system.
Installed auto washing machine and shot blast line.
2012 Established "International Sales Dept" to expand business in overseas