Recruit information:We are looking for the person who has enagetic and work with our team to make future. Please join with us.

"We supply the supreme quality products with the best timing"

This is the MIYAMOTO's motto and we are challenging every day. Since we establish the MIYAMOTO in 1969, machin cutting market has been changed drastically. We work hard to meet the customers different demand & need, to satisfy tem & improve out engineering level. To do this activity, keep motivation of each our team member & introduce the latest machinery. We evaluate the people in the "achivement system" so tha everybody has chance to get fast promotion when they work accordingly.
Adopting these activity, we established to reduce working hours, increase productivity, imrove quality.
We want make the company, that our team is always smiling any gender, even who does not have wrking experience.
We supply the supreme quality products with the best timing.

We established "International Sales Dept" in 2012, to meet the need from international market. The role of this department is to cordinate of sales & delivery control. we are gradually expanding and getting the trust from the customers.

MIYAMOTO is pursuitting the quality & cost, and expand the business globaly with our team members to satisfying the customes.

  • staff02

    "Manufacturing Dept. Gear cutting Sec. : Mr Kazuhiro YOSHIKAWA"

    At privious company, I was working as administrator and does not have any manufacturing experience, but I wonted to join the company and "Manufacturing something". MIYAMOTO hired me only my passion & agressiveness. I am enjoying working current job that machine programing, fixture selection and machine chenging over etc.
    Initially I was new and no experience, so I concentrate to learn machine operation and manufacturing process, but now I have responsible for 6 machine by myself. Current I am considering how to improve the product officency and make priority of the work.
    Work is hard but I amd satisfing my work and whenI work hard, good result comes and my motivation and ecaluation also going up.
    I will continuously working and learn & study with our tem member.

  • staff03

    "Manufacturing Dept. Lathe Machining Gr leader. : Mr Tatsuyuki HIROSE"

    I joined in 2001 and assigned at Lathe Machine Group. Since then moved to Gear group & learned gear glinding& hobbing etc and move back to Lathe Group again.
    Currentry I was working as leader of Lathe Machining Group and looking after group member and responsibility of cylindrical grinding machine's setup, work changing, and Lathe machine 's setup, work change etc.
    Each work has individual delivery schedule, so it is very important of arranging setting up, especially short delivery timing is very critical but when I achive to meet short delivery time, I have strong satisfyed feeling and this will be my motivation too.
    Work is individual but MIYAMOTO company as whole working same target so I feel very energetic atomosphere in the company.
    MIYAMOTO is the cmpany who recognised your work, so I want to aim higher target and continiously work in here.

  • staff04

    "Manufacturing Dept. Assembling Group. : Mr Noritsugu OEDA"

    My group is Assembling Group, I am assembling components of painting & welding robot by using MIYAMOTO gears etc. I was sales at privious company , but I like making someting, so I joined technical school and studied basice engineering & how to read drawing from the scratch. Now I assemble robot components with 50 to 80 parts for 20 different models. There are about 100 steps(process) to complete of assembled component, so there is not option of making error. And to improve working time, I communicate with our group member and inpriment. I try to think better method always, senior give his idea to juniors, and juniors lean idea from senior.
    I am proud of making robot components that robot is working wrldwide.

  • staff05

    " Quality Dept. Inspection Section : Mr Masahiro HOSHIKAWA"

    My work is quality check & control by measuring the work dimention in process and before dispatch to the costomer. There are multiple inspaction points such as outer dimention, inner dimention, total length, grove, gear profile by using 3D machine or micro-guage or other inspection machine. Since this measuring unit level is 0.001mm order & high accuracy level, so this required concentration and this result is directry affecting to the quality. This work is big responsibility but rewarding work too.
    Our MIYAMOTO gear is required more & more for robots & other equipments where market is grawing , so I want to brush up my skill to assure the quality and more than before.

  • staff06

    " Manufacturing Dept. Production Control Section : Mr Shinichi YOKOYAMA"

    The role of Production Control is window to the customer and to control the inprocess operation. I am looking after main customer and also gear cutting, welding process controll. To meet the delivery, I do shop floor meeting everyday and check the output.
    We do not have a day without trouble or issue at shopfloor, so to produce constant output, I always see total process and act one step ahead. Even if we have any trouble, we can work as team and measeure in advance, that why customer trust MIYAMOTO (our product).
    Robot market is grawing and need also diversification, so I have to learn more and I feel this is rewarding job.